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Do you have a vacancy?

Yes, bro ... later I see it there, bro

May 31 is still open

Open when there are no holidays

It's not open yet ... please info please ........ thanks


Can you have dinner where you are not?


Is there a phone number for ordering or not ??

There is, just don't know the phone number, just percent via ojol, ma'am

What's the hallmark of the cube?

Meat martabak

Today is there a martabak saharjo open ??

Never close it

There is a telephone number

Hi Dora Aruan, tks well and also like the type of Kubang Martabak cuisine (which contains a lot of spices / spices such asmartabak Kare. Cane Bread etc.).

Martabak Kubang who is the price how much ?? How many super ??

That's 55,000, Super 77,000

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